«JASPER: The Summer Solstice at Stonehenge. A Cotswold Story» — R. J. Quilantan

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«JASPER: The Summer Solstice at Stonehenge. A Cotswold Story» – R. J. Quilantan


Jasper, the rabbit of Cirencester, attends Stonehenge’s annual summer solstice festivities with his family and friends. During the ceremony, he finds out through an evil omen that his long lost brother, William, is in London with Alistair, the malicious falcon. The omen also shows the inevitable bombing of London and the destruction that is to come. Jasper decides to embark on a rescue mission with his friends Collin and Eileen to bring William back home before it’s too late. On this perilous journey, Jasper will see for the first-time life outside the countryside, and he will realize that he is not only rescuing his brother but Maeve, one of the last druids.

The magic of the fantasy genre is intertwined stupendously with the tough background of the Second World War in this novel written by R. J. Quilantan. Through a fluid narrative, the author shows us colourful landscapes, ancient practices, and exciting mishaps as the three rabbits advance on a journey that will take them directly to the center of danger. Quilantan opens the doors of imagination to show us the fantastic world presented in JASPER – The Summer Solstice at Stonehenge. A Cotswold Story, by allowing us to know its adorable characters in depth and get involved in their experiences.


R.J. Quilantan was born to Mexican parents in Milan, Italy, in 1990. He was brought up in a diplomatic family where he has had the opportunity to live and travel to different countries and learn about different cultures around the world.

From Milan to San Antonio, Texas, to Hong Kong, and from consulates to state universities to non–profits he has worked in both the private and public sectors.

He showed interest in expressing his creativity by making illustrations and music at a young age. He would later be involved in working in several short films and writing scripts as a hobby where he would discover the art of storytelling. Cinema being one of his many passions, he visualises his writing as if it was a film.

His stories are influenced by real-life experiences, world travels, movies, other literary works, and his imagination. Quilantan wants to convey to his readers the emotions he has felt, the wonders he has seen, and the adventures he has been on. The influence of this novel comes from his experiences in the United Kingdom, specifically in southern England. Quilantan currently lives in Vancouver, Canada, where he continues to be influenced by life.

R. J. Quilantan

Cover Art

Carla Paola Reyes

Editorial Salto al reverso

Print and digital version (2022)


979-8986242002 (Bibliomanager)
979-8986242026 (Ingram)
979-8822117198 (Amazon paperback)
979-8824730814 (Amazon hardcover)


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